Whitetail Tactics for Bluff Country | North American Whitetail

by Thomas Allen • September 13, 2011

I cut my teeth deer hunting on the steep bluffs along the Mississippi River in eastern Iowa. Even today, I consider that terrain some of the most intimidating whitetail habitat in North America. Some of the world’s largest deer have come from the Mississippi corridor, and some of the largest whitetails never to fall to a hunter’s bullet or broadhead still roam those hills. I learned early on that to successfully hang a trophy on your wall by hunting this part of the country, you can’t be afraid of hard work and you need to have plenty of buddies with strong backs and open schedules. Here are some whitetail tactics for bluff country!


I was shed hunting in early spring when I discovered the shelf. I had just finished crawling — literally crawling — through some of the thickest, thorniest cover on the property, and I had come away with a fine, 50-inch shed antler, but not without sacrificing any exposed piece of skin.

“It’s no wonder the deer love that stuff,” I muttered to myself as I began climbing the hill toward the ridge. Within minutes, the near-vertical climb toward the ridge had rendered me essentially exhausted, but as I staggered a few more feet upward, the ground began to level up. The ridge was still well above me, but I had discovered a few feet of level terrain running parallel to the ridge and only midway up the incline.  Click Link Below For Full Story!

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