Under Armour Scent Control

By Jeffrey Pilger

Under Armour has now entered the very competitive scent control market with it’s Zeolite-based scent control system with a silver anti-microbial that reportedly lasts ten times longer than the commonly used carbon-based technologies.  Before understanding this technology one needs to understand the science of “human scent.”

Human scent is basically a breakdown product of our sweat produced by bacteria that inhabit our body including our skin and mouth.  Bacteria convert our sweat into acids and other smaller molecules that smell, giving body odor it’s characteristic aroma. The areas of our body that can generate the most “human scent” are somewhat obvious.  These include our armpits, anogenital region, navel, and often ignored, our mouth and head.

The carbon systems of the past relied solely on trapping these smelly molecules produced by bacteria.  The carbon liners would bind these molecules inside the fabric reducing their dispersal into the air.  Under Armour Scent Control uses a dual technology to reduce human scent.  The zeolite acts as a filter that traps these odor causing molecules and the silver encased in the zeolite carrier acts as an antimicrobial killing the odor producing bacteria.  This system gets to the source of the odor.  Silver is a well known anti-microbial in the medical field and is often impregnated in bandages and antimicrobial creams used in burn victims.  In fact the Phoenicians would store water and wine in silver containers to prevent spoiling caused by bacteria. So simply stated this technology not only traps the odor but kills the odor producing bacteria maintaining  99% effectiveness after 50 washes.

Having said all of that if you think you can buy this or any other scent control product and ignore the wind you are fooling yourself.  There is not a product out there that can totally eliminate your scent.  Furthermore,  a lot of people use these products incorrectly.  They ignore one of body’s largest producer of odor, the head and mouth.  Think about it, if you can smell someone’s breath think what a deer smells.  When your on stand your mouth is like a scent dispenser with each breath, 18 times a minute,  dispersing your “bad breath” downwind.  Use Listerine before you head out.  This will help kill odor producing bacteria. If your really anal pour some Listerine on a Q-Tip and swab your navel.  Yes,  I’m serious.  Consider using Gum-O-Flage as well, a scent reducing gum containing anti-microbials.

So will I buy this product?  Yes I will.  You need to look at this product as another tool in your arsenal in reducing your scent in the deer woods.  Is it 100% effective? No! Does it help? Probably!  Remember, scent control is a system requiring several tools.  It all starts when you get out of bed. How you shower and what you shower with. What did you wash your clothes with? Did you use a scent free antiperspirant? Did you stop and get gas in your hunting clothes on the way to your hunting area?  Did you clean your navel?  Lastly, do not forget about your mouth and head. Hope this gives you some useful tips that will make you more successful this fall!  Have a great season.

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  1. I do have a question. What do you recommend to wash this under armour scent control in and do you have a preferred brand of scent control spray ,soap, washing powders, etc??

  2. I’m wondering the same thing. Does under amour recommend a brand of detergent? How often should it be washed? What about drying? I’d rather hang my clothes outside to air dry rather then using my home dryer. If I don’t use a dryer and just hang UA outside will it be effective?

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