Asian Carp Update

Chip Hart and Tom Cross speak with Ron Brooks Fisheries Director of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. He updates us on the status of the Asian Carp and what is being done to control the population and migration of this invasive species. … [Read more...]

Lake Cumberland Update

There’s a new lake in Kentucky. And it’s right on top of the old lake. We go inside outdoors this week to look at what ís in store for Lake Cumberland and its visitors now that Wolf Creek Dam is repaired and 40 feet of new water has been added. … [Read more...]

Lake Cumberland Update

Chip Hart and Rick Combs speak with Carolyn Mounce, Executive Director of the Somerset-Pulaski County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  She updates us on the status of Lake Cumberland and how the rising waters and the improvement in habitat will make … [Read more...]

Lake Cumberland Update

This week Chip Hart talks with Carolyn Mounce Executive Director of the Somerset-Pulaski County CVB.  She gives us an update on the dam repair on Lake Cumberland. Looks like the dam repair is complete and water level should be back to normal in 2014. … [Read more...]

MDC scientist discusses elk – Sports News Story – St. Joseph

Missouri’s first shipment of wild elk arrived from Kentucky earlier this year and were released onto Peck Ranch Conservation area in south eastern Missouri. Since that time, not much has been heard about the overall restoration effort, it’s future … [Read more...]