Kayak Tournament Fishing

Chip Hart and Rick Combs speak with Dave Mull of MidWest Outdoors on this episode of The Big Outdoors. They discuss kayak fishing and the increasing popularity of kayak fishing tournaments. Learn more at www.midwestoutdoors.com   … [Read more...]

Fishers of Men

Join Chip and Rick as they speak with Steve Greene of the Ohio Division of Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail whose mission is to share Jesus with fishermen and their families and invite them into a relationship with Him through fishing … [Read more...]

Collegiate Fishing

College sports is the topic. Not Louisville’s and Kentucky’s back-to-back championship years – we’re talking collegiate fishing. It’s quite a popular sport especially when your home court is Kentucky Lake.  We go inside outdoors this week with two … [Read more...]

High schools adding new sport: bass fishing- Standard Examiner

By Bruce Schreiner (AP) LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Hooked by a neighboring state’s success, Kentucky is gearing up for its inaugural season of high school bass fishing. Come next spring, a skillful flick of the wrist for casting a line or reeling in a big … [Read more...]

Oil Spill Causes Offshore Sports Fishing Cancellations – NYTimes.com

By ANDREW W. LEHREN Shawna Meisner, the director of the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic offshore sports fishing tournament in the Gulf of Mexico, had been one of the last holdouts. But on Thursday — five days before the tournament’s start — the … [Read more...]