Lake Cumberland Fishing Update

Chip Hart speaks with James Flatt of Indian Hills Resort and Barry Begley of LakePointe Resort on this episode of The Big Outdoors. They update us on the fantastic fishing conditions on Lake Cumberland since completion of the Wolf Creek Dam repair … [Read more...]

The Jersey Cape

Chip Hart and Rick Combs speak with Christine Ostrander Tourism Representative for Cape May County, NJ on this episode of the Big Outdoors. She describes some of the great recreational opportunities this beautiful area of New Jersey has to offer … [Read more...]

Record Striped Bass Caught While Surf Fishing | WFN

As of Dec. 8, Delaware has a new state record holder for the largest striped bass landed in Delaware waters. Ben Smith of Bryn Mar, Pa., was fishing in the surf at Delaware Seashore State Park on Saturday when he reeled in a 52-pound striped bass … [Read more...]

The Lowly, Forgotten Grub

FRANKFORT, Ky. - It is a ritual as regular as the Kentucky Derby running on the first Saturday in May. Cheesy infomercials on late night television promote the newest "revolution" in fishing, usually a gimmick that appeals to the sensibilities of … [Read more...]

One Big Fish. Is It a World Record? – Norwalk, CT Patch

If the striped bass caught in Long Island Sound this weekend really is 81.88 pounds, it's a record By Gary Jeanfaivre The fishing community is in a frenzy as a flurry of reports came in Saturday that a world-record striped bass had been caught … [Read more...]