Ruffed Grouse Society

Chip Hart and Rick Combs speak with Heather Shaw on this episode of the Big Outdoors. She is the regional wildlife biologist for the Eastern Great Lakes Region of the Ruffed Grouse and American Woodcock Society. They discuss the current state of the … [Read more...]

Wild Turkey and Ruffed Grouse in Kentucky

We go inside outdoors with Wildlife Biologist Zak Danks. He's ready for the upcoming turkey season. Are you? In addition, he leads the efforts to restore ruffed grouse, a game bird in eastern Kentucky whose numbers are declining. We’ll learn why and … [Read more...]

Ruffed Grouse in Kentucky

The quest to revitalize this popular game bird begins with renewing its habitat. The Department of Fish & Wildlife biologist in charge of the 10-year project, Zak Danks, outlines the Ruffed Grouse and Young Forest Strategic Plan. When … [Read more...]

Ruffed grouse hunting season canceled this year | Springfield News

Missouri will not have a ruffed grouse hunting season this year for the first time in more than 25 years.But the Missouri Department of Conservation says that does not necessarily mean ruffed grouse hunting is gone from the Show-Me State … [Read more...]