NRA Carry Guard Expo

Chip Hart speaks with Jason Brown concerning the upcoming NRA Carry Guard Expo to be held August 25th-27th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To find out more take a listen to this episode of The Big Outdoors and visit … [Read more...]

NRA Annual Meeting 2017

Chip Hart and Tom Cross speak with Catherine Mortensen of the NRA on this episode of the Big Outdoors. They discuss the upcoming NRA Annual Meeting occurring April 27-30 in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more take a listen to this episode and visit … [Read more...]

NRA Gunsmithing Schools

Chip Hart and Rick Combs speak with Mark Dye director of the Gunsmithing program at Montgomery Community College which is one of only four NRA approved NRA Gunsmithing Schools across the United States. To learn more take a listen to this episode of … [Read more...]

National Rifle Association to oversee Harrisburg show – Times Leader

By TOM VENESKY The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been selected by the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center to replace Reed Exhibitions and the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show with the “Great American Outdoor Show,” to be held … [Read more...]

If I Were The NRA, This Is What I’d Say. | The Moderate Voice

By J. Gordon Mills Like many Americans, I grew up with guns. My father was an avid hunter, and from a very young age he taught my older brother and myself the responsibility that comes with handling a weapon. Everything you did with the gun – from … [Read more...]

I Hunt, But I Oppose the N.R.A. –

By LILY RAFF McCAULOU EARLIER this month, Mitt Romney delivered a speech at the annual National Rifle Association convention, calling for a president “who will stand up for the rights of hunters, sportsmen and those seeking to protect their homes … [Read more...]

Fish and Game official draws support from hunters, anglers –

By Phil Willon, Los Angeles Times By firing a single rifle shot at a wandering mountain lion during an Idaho hunting trip, California's top fish and game commissioner has inflamed the political divide in a state where hunters and advocates for the … [Read more...]

COLUMN: Hunters: It’s time to let your voices be heard –

Written by Phil DiFatta Being the dedicated outdoor scribe that I am (choke, gag, puke), I normally try to write some cutesy stuff that’ll make my two readers laugh. Or, if the situation dictates, I might even attempt to write something that will … [Read more...]

Firearms Sales Ring in 2012 With a Bang – US  Business News – CNBC

By: Peter Suciu, Special to Uncertainty in a presidential election year. Warriors returning from the battlefields. The comeback of the hunter. These are just some of the reasons that gun experts and advocates cite as reasons why firearms … [Read more...]

NRA supports gun owners’ rights, not radicals | Great Falls Tribune

By JAY PRINTZ The American Hunters and Shooters Association is once again trying to confuse hunters into believing two bold lies: that the NRA does not support hunting, and that AHSA and the Sierra Club do. In a report printed in the Tribune … [Read more...]