Kentucky’s Asian Carp Public Private

For Asian carp control, Kentucky means business. In response to the infestation of Asian carp in Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources proposes a bold plan for a public/private partnership. The goal … [Read more...]

Asian Carp Update

Chip Hart and Tom Cross speak with Ron Brooks Fisheries Director of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. He updates us on the status of the Asian Carp and what is being done to control the population and migration of this invasive species. … [Read more...]

Aquatic Invasive Species in Kentucky

  This week on Kentucky Afield Radio, we talk to Biologist Neal Jackson about invasive fish and plants that have found their way into our rivers and lakes causing problems for people and our native fish. Hydrilla and Asian carp start us … [Read more...]

Asian Carp in Kentucky

Is there positive, uplifting, hopeful news on the horizon for the invasion of Asian Carp to many of Kentucky’s lakes and rivers?  Is there a mutual resolve for the controversy over trophy catfish harvested from the Ohio River?  And what’s finally … [Read more...]

Carp Madness 2?

Chip Hart and Tom Cross speak with Ron Brooks Director of Fisheries for the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department. He discusses the Asian Carp problem in Kentucky and the attempt to have another Carp Madness Fishing … [Read more...]

Asian Carp in Kentucky

Kentucky is known for big fish, but there’s one we can do without – Asian Carp.  Overtaking the waterways of the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys, Ron Brooks updates us on plans dealing with the problem.  His Kentucky Division of Fisheries is just … [Read more...]

This Week’s Outdoor Adventures with Tom Clay 12/8/12

Tom Clay brings us another informative episode of This Week’s Outdoor Adventures featuring up to the minute news and updates that can effect your hunting and fishing experience in the great state of Kentucky. Enjoy! This segment aired on 12/8/12. … [Read more...]

The Paris Post-Intelligencer – Paris TN: Commercial fishing at Kentucky Lake best defense against Asian carp

By GLENN TANNER P-I Staff Writer One of the top sport and commercial fishing figures thinks the state’s best defense against Asian carp is sending them back to China — as food. Bobby Wilson, chief of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s … [Read more...]

Good news, frustration about Asian carp heard at Port Clinton forum |

By D'Arcy Egan, The Plain Dealer PORT CLINTON, OHIO The constantly-evolving strategies for managing invasive Asian carp, and preventing them from entering the Great Lakes, brought some good news and a lot of … [Read more...]

Asian Carp Found Near Lake Michigan | Gather

Asian carp found near Lake Michigan are raising concerns for the fishing industry. Asian carp are heavy-bodied cyprinid fish. The fish are considered detrimental to the environment in the United States. The term Asian carp typically refers to … [Read more...]