Soc Clay

This show originally aired on 11/24/12.  Guests included Soc Clay veteran photo journalist from South Shores, Kentucky.  His works have appeared in Outdoor Life, Fins & Feather, Ohio Fisherman and more! He talks about his book Mad Trapper Sourdough Baking Cookbook and his upcoming book Hunting Kentucky.  For more information go to  Enjoy!






  1. Mr. Clay,

    Hope this finds you doing well!!

    I am Chris Lawson from Pikeville. Several years ago, you came on a grouse hunt with my brother, myself, and my dad….Fred Lawson. Don’t know if you remember or not.

    If you do remember, you may also recall that we were good friends with Ernie Taylor of Somerset. I know you have done several things with Ernie over the years and I was just wondering if, by chance, you may have some old photos of him either fishing or grouse hunting.

    I have gotten some from Charlie, but I thought you might have some you would be willing to share.

    If so, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Chris Lawson

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