Shimano Curado 200 G Series

curadogBy Jeffrey Pilger

The Shimano Curado is one of the most popular freshwater reels on the market today. For those that want to make the leap from spinning reel to baitcaster the number of choices and different models available can make your head spin not to mention the concern of the dreaded backlash. My first experience with a baitcaster was a frustrating one. Birds nest, backlash was frustrating. Of course what would you expect from a $50.00 reel. When I tried my brother’s Shimano Curado it did not take me long to realize I was “missing the boat” along with a lot of fish using my dated spinning reel combo. I was able to cast farther and with the Variable Brake System casting was effortless and “backlash” was the last thing on my mind. So I went to the local BassPro to get one of my own. As they say you get what you pay for.

Looking at the reels the Shimano Curado G Series comes in basically 3 models. The G5, G6, and G7. Now what? What are gear ratios and what do they mean? Simply stated the gear ratio is the number of rotations the spool makes per one complete turn of the handle. So a gear ratio 0f 6.5:1 means the spool rotates 6.5 times with one full crank of the handle. Thus the higher the gear ratio the faster your bait will be retrieved. In general increasing the gear ratio reduces the power of the reel.

The G5 has a gear ratio of 5.5:1 and with each crank about 23 inches of line is retrieved. This reel has a slower retrieval but more power. This reel would be ideal with crank baits especially deep divers. You need the power to get the bait thru the water so your arm does’nt fall off by the end of the day.

The G6 has a gear ratio of 6.5:1 and with each crank about 27 inches of line is retrieved. This is probably the most popular model. It is perfect for buzz baits, spinner baits and carolina rigs.

The G7 has a gear ratio of 7:1 and with each crank 30 inches of line is retrieved. This is considered a high speed reel. Rapid line recovery means more casts at the end of the day which correlates to more bait presentations and hopefully more hooked fish. Remember high speed sacrifices power which may be an issue with a big fish or pulling a fish out of thick cover.

The Shimano Curado is lightweight and is made of aluminum with disengaging levelwind. Comes in green only. Built for freshwater but approved for use in saltwater. This retails for $159.99. Not the cheapest baitcaster on the market but not the most expensive either. Shimano makes some of the best reels on the market today. In fact according to, Shimano was the top reel brand of 2012 making up 21.1% of all new purchases.  Checkout the video below.

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