Primos Bombshell

Primos Bombshell

With my 20 years of turkey hunting experience I have learned one thing.  Keep it simple stupid.  Fancy calling does not really make a difference when hunting the weary Tom.  Let him know your there with a few yelps and then shut the hell up.  End of story.  A good decoy will help as well. He is either coming or he is not.  With the turkey populations exploding today Toms are usually with hens all season.  So keep the calling simple.  The Primos Bombshell appears to do just that.  Simple to use.  Push the rail to automatically yelp.  Tap the rail to cut and slowly push the rail to purr.In addition to all of this, the Bombshell™ is designed to be mounted to your shotgun so you can call with very little motion to bring that gobbler in close!  MSRP 27.95  Available at Basspro at link below.

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  1. Linda Williams says:

    I dropped my husband’s bombshell turkey caller and now it isn’t working. Can it be fixed?

  2. myhuntingandfishing says:

    Primos Hunting Customer Service is available 9AM to 5PM (Central US Time Zone), Monday thru Friday, Excluding Major US Holidays. Phone: 601-879-9323 OPTION 3

    Would call them they can help!

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