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By Gary Garth • Special to The Courier-Journal • December 28, 2008

Kentucky wildlife officials have certified an 8 x 8 bull elk killed by Kelvin Jackson of Clay County as the nontypical state record with a 3677/8 score.

The previous nontypical record was a 3493/8 bull taken by Andy Kidd of McCreary County.

“I wasn’t after a state record or anything,” said Jackson, who had hunted elk in Colorado before being drawn for the Kentucky hunt. “I’m kind of a meat hunter — everything I harvest, I enjoy it.”elk

Jackson was in Harlan County for the October quota hunt. He obtained permission to hunt on private land, and some local residents helped him out.

“I went to people in a little place they call Greasy,” he said. “They told me where they’ve been seeing elk. When I found the herd there were 22 cows and seven bulls.”

Jackson started scouting in July and watched the herd several times. He quickly concluded that a long shot would be required.

“They were in a field, and if you approached them they would leave,” he said. “I practiced shooting long-range because I figured I’d have to do that.”

He was right. He downed the big bull with a 465-yard shot from a .300 Remington Ultra Magnum.

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission recently voted to increase the number of elk tags from 400 to 1,000 for the 2009-10 season. Officials estimate that the herd has grown to about 9,000.

Elk lottery applications for next year cost $10 and can be purchased at Hunters drawn will be required to purchase an elk tag

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