Good Sign + Good Land + Smart Hunting = Great Buck | Field & Stream

By Eric Bruce

“Then out of the blue, we heard a deer walking hard along the bottom of the hollow. When we finally saw it, we knew it was a shooter, based on Dalton Utilities QDM standards.” On this hunt, a buck had to have 16-inch spread or beam length to be harvested.

“I told Dakota ‘shooter buck!’ As the deer walked in front of us, I got my grunt call ready to try and use it to make him stop. We had a good opening just to our right as the deer passed into the opening. I blew my grunt call to stop him. The buck stopped in his tracks, its hair stood on end, and he looked around like he was ready for a fight! He was about 20 yards away and I kept whispering to Dakota, “Shoot him. Shoot!” He already had his gun on him and was looking through the scope. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, but was more like 5 seconds, he pulled the trigger. The deer fell down in the front, then tucked his tail and took off running. He ran about 30 yards and piled up. I looked over at Dakota, and he was all smiles. I asked him, ‘Why didn’t you shoot as soon as I stopped the buck?’ He said, ‘I didn’t think it was big enough. I knew he was a tall rack, but I didn’t know if he was wide enough. Then, I heard you saying shoot him, so I found a spot and pulled the trigger.’”  Click Link Below For Full Story!

via Good Sign + Good Land + Smart Hunting = Great Buck | Field & Stream.

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