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THE COMING archery season will mark the first for Oklahoma in which a crossbow, previously legal only for handicapped or elderly hunters, will be a legal weapon for any hunter.

This spring, Oklahoma became the 14th state in the nation to roll crossbows into the column for legal means, and North Carolina is close to becoming No. 15.

Under the new Oklahoma law, crossbows can be used in any season when it is legal to use other forms of archery equipment. That means some hunters may be out there this summer looking to purchase a new crossbow for the season to come.

So what should we expect from this change? Daniel James Hendricks, CEO of the American Crossbow Federation and editor/publisher of Horizontal Bowhunter magazine, said it will have an impact, but probably a small one. He has dedicated the past 15 years of his life to the crossbow controversy.

“It’s just another kind of bow and arrow,” he said. “Regardless of what some people will call it, what they’ll tell you, it’s a short-range weapon that gives you one more way to help control the deer population and to get more people out into the woods.”  Click Link Below for Full Story!

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