Kentucky Bobwhite Quail Restoration


771% success. Five years into Kentucky’s Bobwhite Quail “Road to Recovery” program, results are whistling a tune of their own. Focus areas across our state are seeing pronounced increases of this popular bird whose numbers are in decline. Quail … [Read more...]

Kentucky Elk Lottery 2015


If you play the lottery, you’re already resigned that you might not win. But you wonder. This May, there will be 900 excited elk hunters from this year’s Elk Draw who thought the same thing. We go inside outdoors with Gabe Jenkins who heads the … [Read more...]

Forest Fires in Kentucky


12 Million.  That’s how many acres of forests there are in Kentucky.  So , if you don’t think forest fires are a real threat, think again.  We go inside outdoors this week with Luke Saunier, Fire Chief with the Kentucky Division of Forestry to talk … [Read more...]

Carl Nathe Voice of the UK Football Wildcats


One sure means to know fall has arrived is football. Carl Nathe, stadium announcer for the UK Football Wildcats joins us to chat about his life behind the mic, in the SEC and his love for the outdoors.     … [Read more...]

Lake Cumberland Update


There’s a new lake in Kentucky. And it’s right on top of the old lake. We go inside outdoors this week to look at what ís in store for Lake Cumberland and its visitors now that Wolf Creek Dam is repaired and 40 feet of new water has been added. … [Read more...]

NASP IBO 3D Challenge


New challenges await beyond the bullseye for student archers - the NASP IBO 3D Challenge. It’s a joint venture of the National Archery in the Schools Program and the International Bowhunting Organization. Presidents Roy Grimes and Bryan Marcum join … [Read more...]

Kentucky Turkey Season 2014


We’re thinking, scouting, hunting, dreaming, sizing-up and talking wild turkey this week on Kentucky Afield Radio.     … [Read more...]

Kentucky Hunting and Fishing Licenses


If warmer weather has you on the business end of a fishing rod, don’t forget it’s time to renew your license.  We go inside outdoors with Kentucky Fish & Wildlife officials who have heard all the excuses.  What you need to be legal in 2014, … [Read more...]

Kentucky’s Nature and Wildlife Fund

Tax season kind of ruins spring season.  But not always.  If you get a little back, maybe you can give a little back.  One opportunity is through Kentucky’s Nature & Wildlife Fund.  It’s one of several tax check-offs you find when you file your … [Read more...]

Federal Farm Bill

Associated Press Photo

What could corn, food stamps and crop insurance possibly have in common with warblers, wetlands and wood ducks?  The answer is the Federal Farm Bill.  Many don’t realize just how key our farmers are to Kentucky wildlife.  We go inside outdoors with … [Read more...]