Kentucky Turkey Season 2014


We’re thinking, scouting, hunting, dreaming, sizing-up and talking wild turkey this week on Kentucky Afield Radio.     … [Read more...]

Kentucky Hunting and Fishing Licenses


If warmer weather has you on the business end of a fishing rod, don’t forget it’s time to renew your license.  We go inside outdoors with Kentucky Fish & Wildlife officials who have heard all the excuses.  What you need to be legal in 2014, … [Read more...]

Kentucky’s Nature and Wildlife Fund

Tax season kind of ruins spring season.  But not always.  If you get a little back, maybe you can give a little back.  One opportunity is through Kentucky’s Nature & Wildlife Fund.  It’s one of several tax check-offs you find when you file your … [Read more...]

Federal Farm Bill

Associated Press Photo

What could corn, food stamps and crop insurance possibly have in common with warblers, wetlands and wood ducks?  The answer is the Federal Farm Bill.  Many don’t realize just how key our farmers are to Kentucky wildlife.  We go inside outdoors with … [Read more...]

Kentucky Fishing and Boating Guide 2014


Every year, there’s something new.  This year, it’s highlighted in blue.  We’re talking about the 2014/15 Fishing & Boating Guide from the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife.  Assistant Fisheries Director Gerry Buynak and host Charlie … [Read more...]

Kentucky Hunting and Fishing License Renewal


To all who hunt and fish, Happy New Year! Saturday, March 1, means hunting and fishing license expire. It's time to renew. We go inside outdoors with Kentucky Fish & Wildlife officials who have heard it all when it comes to excuses. What you need … [Read more...]

Kentucky Catch and Release Trout Streams

Dave Baker, editor of Kentucky Afield magazine, casts a fly in Otter Creek in Meade County for trout during a snow shower. Otter Creek is one of the 13 seasonal catch and release trout streams across Kentucky that offers quality trout fishing all winter long

This Valentine’s week we’re reminded, “If you love something, set it free.“  This was likely penned by a fisherman. Angler and author Lee McClellan from Kentucky Afield Magazine joins us to discuss his heart-felt passion for trout fishing on the … [Read more...]

Asian Carp in Kentucky


Is there positive, uplifting, hopeful news on the horizon for the invasion of Asian Carp to many of Kentucky’s lakes and rivers?  Is there a mutual resolve for the controversy over trophy catfish harvested from the Ohio River?  And what’s finally … [Read more...]

Kentucky Deer Harvest Results


Another record setting year.  Shattering the old record by 10,000.  We are talking about deer harvest of the 2013/14 season.  We go inside outdoors with the woman in charge of deer and elk in Kentucky to learn about what has made our state, as the … [Read more...]

Hibernation in Kentucky


It’s cold, it’s blustery, it’s time to settle in for a long winter’s nap. While people wish they could do this, many animals actually do. The technical term is hibernation. The definition can apply differently to various mammals. We go inside … [Read more...]