Angler’s Legacy Program

When did you learn to fish? The likely answer is, "as a kid." Today, it's a pastime picked up as an adult in many cases. We go inside outdoors with Easton Copley and Samantha Seaton with the Angler's Legacy program. This means, they teach fishing. … [Read more...]

Kentucky’s Asian Carp Public Private

For Asian carp control, Kentucky means business. In response to the infestation of Asian carp in Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources proposes a bold plan for a public/private partnership. The goal … [Read more...]

Wild Turkey and Ruffed Grouse in Kentucky

We go inside outdoors with Wildlife Biologist Zak Danks. He's ready for the upcoming turkey season. Are you? In addition, he leads the efforts to restore ruffed grouse, a game bird in eastern Kentucky whose numbers are declining. We’ll learn why and … [Read more...]

Coyotes In Kentucky

They aren’t wolves, but they’re the closest thing we have. Coyotes, what science calls an apex predator, meaning it’s at the top of the wild food chain, are present in every Kentucky county, likely your city, and maybe your neighborhood at night. … [Read more...]

Kentucky Hunting and Fishing Licenses

If you hunt, fish or trap in Kentucky, March 1st means it's time to renew your license. License and Law Enforcement officials with the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife sit down with host Charlie Baglan to explain the options available, how … [Read more...]

Rivers Part II

Last summer, we spent an hour with a river expert from the US Environmental Protection Agency. But, like rivers themselves, our discussion was so full of twists and turns, that an hour wasn't enough. So, Carrollton, Kentucky native Dr. Joe … [Read more...]

Frankfort, Kentucky’s Historic Fishing Reels

When Kentuckians hear the word Frankfort, we automatically think our "Capital City." We think "government." We also think "bourbon distilleries." But one thing that gives the town international fame is the historic fishing reel industry. Dating back … [Read more...]

Kentucky’s Waterfowl

We go inside outdoors with Dr. John Brunjes - Kentucky's migratory game bird specialist. We look at Canada Geese, Mallard Ducks and their amazing migrations. … [Read more...]

Wildlife & Folklife Of Christmas

From deer, holly, ivy, snow to the Christmas tree, our wild outdoors play a big role in this grandest of holidays. We chat with wildlife and folklife experts for the true meaning of a down home Kentucky Christmas. How did many of our traditions … [Read more...]

Kentucky’s Red November – The audio documentary of the Undamming of Red River Gorge

On November 18, 1967, one of Kentucky’s most scenic and treasured wilderness areas was poised to become Red River Lake. The pivotal visit by U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas placed the local controversy into the national spotlight. … [Read more...]