Kentucky’s Red November – The audio documentary of the Undamming of Red River Gorge

On November 18, 1967, one of Kentucky’s most scenic and treasured wilderness areas was poised to become Red River Lake. The pivotal visit by U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas placed the local controversy into the national spotlight. … [Read more...]

Kentucky Deer Hunting 2016

Deer are as much a part of Kentucky as thoroughbred race horses. But how many are there? How is that number being kept in check? What might hunters expect when they hit the deer woods the second Saturday in November? And why is it that Kentucky deer … [Read more...]

If We Could Talk to The Animals

That old Bobby Darin song about talking with animals isn't as far-fetched as we think. This week, we go inside outdoors with one University of Kentucky psychology professor who teaches what people and wildlife share in common intellectually. Then we … [Read more...]

Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund

We've seen them on the road for over 20 years. The yellow Kentucky warbler, Dragonflies, Hummingbirds, Cumberland Falls and now the Cardinal, Bobcat and Viceroy Butterfly. Proceeds from these popular license plates have helped buy and safeguard … [Read more...]

Ruffed Grouse in Kentucky

The quest to revitalize this popular game bird begins with renewing its habitat. The Department of Fish & Wildlife biologist in charge of the 10-year project, Zak Danks, outlines the Ruffed Grouse and Young Forest Strategic Plan. When … [Read more...]

Dr. Iga Stasiak

Thank goodness for our veterinarians. Salvation to many dogs, cats and farm animals. But what about wild animals? Who tends to their needs? Who monitors trends in wildlife health? Her name is Dr. Iga Stasiak and you’ll meet her on this week’s show. … [Read more...]

Kentucky Hunting and Trapping Regulations 2016

Just in time for September hunting seasons, the annual Kentucky Hunting & Trapping Guide is online, in print and free for the asking. Department of Fish & Wildlife editor Kevin Kelley, Conservation Officer Richard Adkins and deer biologist … [Read more...]

Black Bears in Kentucky

Where's that bear? Louisville TV has been tracking a bear in southern Indiana, a jaunt believed to have originated in Kentucky. Not surprising. This is the time of year when bears roam. We go inside outdoors with Kentucky Black Bear biologist John … [Read more...]

Kentucky Rivers

Today, we discuss rivers. Whether for fishing, hydroelectric power or flood control, the health of our water supply is critical to us all. We go inside outdoors with Carrollton, Kentucky native Dr. Joe Flotemersch. Part of the National Center for … [Read more...]

American Chestnut Tree Update

The tree that was king of the forest, science has in its sights for a come back. We go inside outdoors with the Kentucky Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation for a look at progress made to breed disease resistance into a once-mighty tree. … [Read more...]