Dr. Iga Stasiak

Thank goodness for our veterinarians. Salvation to many dogs, cats and farm animals. But what about wild animals? Who tends to their needs? Who monitors trends in wildlife health? Her name is Dr. Iga Stasiak and you’ll meet her on this week’s show. … [Read more...]

Kentucky Hunting and Trapping Regulations 2016

Just in time for September hunting seasons, the annual Kentucky Hunting & Trapping Guide is online, in print and free for the asking. Department of Fish & Wildlife editor Kevin Kelley, Conservation Officer Richard Adkins and deer biologist … [Read more...]

Black Bears in Kentucky

Where's that bear? Louisville TV has been tracking a bear in southern Indiana, a jaunt believed to have originated in Kentucky. Not surprising. This is the time of year when bears roam. We go inside outdoors with Kentucky Black Bear biologist John … [Read more...]

Kentucky Rivers

Today, we discuss rivers. Whether for fishing, hydroelectric power or flood control, the health of our water supply is critical to us all. We go inside outdoors with Carrollton, Kentucky native Dr. Joe Flotemersch. Part of the National Center for … [Read more...]

American Chestnut Tree Update

The tree that was king of the forest, science has in its sights for a come back. We go inside outdoors with the Kentucky Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation for a look at progress made to breed disease resistance into a once-mighty tree. … [Read more...]

Chad Miles Host of Kentucky Afield Television

As of April, 2016 the longest-running outdoor TV show in America - Kentucky Afield - has a new host. We go inside outdoors to meet Chad Miles. It began back in 1953 and most of us grew up watching the show, including Chad. We talk about what’s new, … [Read more...]

Aquatic Invasive Species in Kentucky

  This week on Kentucky Afield Radio, we talk to Biologist Neal Jackson about invasive fish and plants that have found their way into our rivers and lakes causing problems for people and our native fish. Hydrilla and Asian carp start us … [Read more...]

Kentucky Turkey Hunting Harvest Results 2015

With spring wild turkey season now in the books, we look at harvest numbers to see how they measure up to years past. Also, it is time for black bear sightings. Where are they going? What are they looking for? We follow our nose to the answers this … [Read more...]

The Weather in Kentucky

With ceaseless rains, storms warnings, floods, sirens and alerts flashing across our phones, we sit down with John Gordon, chief meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Louisville. It’s a lovely day to talk about the … [Read more...]

Kentucky Turkey Season 2015

Kentucky’s wild turkey hunting season begins this weekend. Youth weekend is April 4 & 5, with the opening of the statewide season on April 18. We go inside outdoors with Turkey Coordinator with the KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, Steve Dobey for … [Read more...]