The Big Outdoors

This week’s featured member is the Big_Outdoors. The Big Outdoors is a weekly radio show that features timely topics and guests as it relates to hunting, fishing and the outdoors and is hosted by Chip Hart and Rick Combs. The show airs on WLW 700 AM every Saturday from 5:00 to 5:30AM. It can be heard on and XM Radio 173. Chip Hart is CEO of Hart Productions which produces a wide variety of trade shows which include the Cincinnati Hunting and Fishing Show, Cincinnati Travel, Sports and Boat Show and the Columbus Sport, Vacation and Boat Show just to name a few. He is also the vice president of the Outdoor Writers of Ohio. Rick Combs is free-lance writer in the outdoors industry. He is currently field editor for Bowhunting World Magazine and is author of several books such as Turkey Hunting Tactics of the Pros: Expert Advice to Help You Get a Gobbler This Season and Advanced Turkey Hunting. This is a very informative show and if you are into hunting and fishing I would encourage you to check out their shows. Click here to check out a listing of their shows and start listening now.


  1. Timothy K. says:

    You mentioned that turkeys are getting near Cincinnati. Actually, they are in Cincinnati. I saw a sizeable flock feeding on the ground near Mt. Airy Forest, a week or so ago.

    There are beavers in West Fork Creek, behind the forest as well.

  2. Richard Record says:

    Sorry, but way boring today, and honestly most days. Suggest cut with the small talk, do more homework, and lengthen the show with more meat. Or just hang it up! At 30 minutes, you are in no man’s land (especially with “we gotta get to a break” every few minutes, and most breaks you gotta get to are basically PSA’s for WLW). I love the outdoors, and seek out outdoor radio wherever I am, but this show compared to most any other is just weak sauce.

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